What does CNC mean?

People have heard of CNC but is not always sure what it means:
CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. A computer converts the design of an engineering part from a CAD software drawing (Computer Aided Design), into numbers. These numbers can be thought of as coordinates from a 3D graph to map out specific points on the engineering part. These coordinates control the movement of a triple axis cutter and they allow a machine to produce accurate, high precision parts over and over thus allowing for repetitive jobs to be manufactured more easily.


There are many types and many ways of working with metal and other materials to achieve a desired product, shape, piece of artwork. Of course, CNC machining is one way of producing a product to a certain specification. Other skilled metal professions include; panel beating, metal bending, tube end forming, blacksmithing, production machining and more.

CNC's work is always of the highest quality.

Purchasing Manager (Engineering business in the West Midlands)